Bold and spicy to clear and light: A look at the top South African rums

Bold and spicy to clear and light: A look at the top South African rums

The rise of craft rum has been an exciting trend to witness. Many small distilleries have recently popped up in South Africa and have produced some magnificent rums. Be sure to look out for these top craft rums in restaurants and on bottle store shelves:

  • Rhino Rum

Brickmaker’s Distilling Co. is a family-run business that launched Rhino Rum in 2018. This spiced rum is perfect for drinking on the rocks, or it can be added to your preferred cocktail. It has a unique taste due to the spice blend of cinnamon, vanilla, liquorice, and a hint of clove and ginger.   

  • Copeland Rum

Copeland Rum is one of the newest local craft rums and is already an award winner. It has spicy notes based on the flavour notes of fynbos. It’s also bold and full-flavoured and includes no additives. Copeland is the perfect rum for a classic cocktail such as the original daiquiri.

  • Elephantom Dark African Rum 

Kinship Spirits’ Elephantom Rum was inspired by the legend of a famous lone bull elephant from the Knysna Forest. This triple-distilled rum is dark and mysterious. It is made from pure fermented cane molasses in a copper pot still and aged in bourbon casks. Elephantom Rum has a rich, rounded, and fruity flavour, full of depth and complexity. Caramel notes dominate to start, fading to reveal cooked peaches, vanilla, light spices, and hints of apple. 

  • Hoodoo Rum 

This dark sipping rum is created by Select Beverage Company. It has a rich citrus aroma with hints of marula, beautifully brought together with sweeter aspects such as caramel, vanilla, coconut, and honey. Hoodoo is aged using French oak, resulting in a very smooth lingering finish. Hoodoo is meant to be enjoyed on the rocks, but it mixes very well with Ginger Ale or in various cocktails. A

  • Anchor Rum 

This distillery based in Maboneng is known for its gin but now also offers a unique range of rums. Their Anchor rum is double distilled and bottled with vanilla pods from Madagascar. This gives the rum delicious vanilla and coconut aromas, combined with rich macadamia and caramel flavours.

  • Old African Blackstrap Rum

Inverroche Distillery has gained a lot of popularity with its range of unique spirits. Their Old African Blackstrap Rum is made from blackstrap molasses found in Africa and aged for up to seven years. This is a great sipping rum. The distillery releases only three limited editions of 1000 bottles each, every year. This makes it a truly special rum.

  • Zulu Rum

Zulu Rum claims to be the first local rum produced from sugar cane in KwaZulu-Natal. The rum is available in three amazing varieties: Zulu Gold Rum: gold in colour with a raisin flavour. Zulu Impi Rum: a darker rum with a woodier flavour, and Zulu Rum: a clear and light rum. 

Find your favourite local rum

Craft spirits have gained incredible popularity in South Africa in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. Local distilleries go out of their way to keep flavours unique and make the small-batch production all about quality. Be sure to look out for the top rums on our list on shelves and find your favourite!

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