Ginsmith Experiences: adventures in learning, exploring and tasting

Spiritz Gin tasting

Just two hours north of Cape Town lies Tygerkloof Distillery, bordering the Grootwinterhoek Wilderness Area where Ginsmith’s distillers and owners, Lesley Clark and Colleen Smith, host a variety of unique gin experiences. Ginsmith Experiences are custom designed to meet the specific needs of each participating group.

Meet the Distillers

The Meet the Distillers series is interesting, interactive and informative as well as a lot of fun. Our team will travel to your venue for these events, which range from in-service training of waitrons, bar staff and rangers, to specific events hosted by the client such as a four-course menu paired with each of our gins.

  • Optimal number of participants: 6 – 20.
  • Duration: 2 – 4 hours, depending on the event.

We explore the history and types of gin and the current craft gin craze. To illustrate the process of distillation, we use our small 5 litre alembic still and bring samples of botanicals, both classic and those harvested from our fynbos farm. The experience includes a full gin tasting: neat, with ice and with tonic, followed by the participants’ choice of G&T.

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POA: Please call Colleen on +27 (0)83 946 6050 or for a quote.

Gin Tasting

The tasting comprises a full introduction to the distillery, copper potstill, botanicals and the artisanal process followed in making our gins.

Guests are offered a tasting of each of the three GINSMITH gins, followed by a choice of their favourite gin, which is served as a garnished G & T.

Cost: R100pp.

Tapas and Tasting

This includes a gin tasting along with a selection of delicious Italian style tapas.

Cost: R300pp.

We are able to host a maximum of 12 people.

Please call Colleen on +27 (0)83 946 6050 for enquiries or to book.

Come and celebrate!

We cater for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, gatherings, team builds or any event that you may wish to mark.

Please contact us for a quote for Ginsmith to be served from our elegant portable bar at your event.

The History of Gin

Here we follow a similar format to the Meet the Distillers but participants get a more in-depth understanding of gin, the craft if gin-making and the science behind it. The course includes:

Participants are introduced to the extraordinary history of gin, which includes the story behind how gin came to be the liquor of the 17th century; how and why prohibition came about and how the current craze for gin got going around the world.

  • The Traditional Method of Distillation and the History of Distillation

Ginsmith gins are distilled in the traditional way, using a 300l copper alembic pot over flame. However, in training we describe and illustrate the process of distillation using a small 5l alembic still. We explore the history of distillation, the earliest distillers and alchemists and make to make the science of distillation accessible and fascinating.

  • Gin Botanicals: we identify and share samples of the key botanicals used in gin making, as well as the fynbos botancials which we harvest on our farm and use in our three gins.
  • Guided gin tasting: Participants are guided through a tasting of our three Ginsmith gins and led though identifying the key botanicals and their flavour profiles.