Innovative spirits from the Namib dunes

Innovative spirits from the Namib dunes

On the edge of the beautiful Namibian holiday town of Swakopmund we found Stillhouse Atlantic, a small artisanal distillery run by energetic owner/distiller Sandy le Roux and trainee distiller, Jackson Shigwedha.  Established early in 2017, Sandy has expanded her skills over time and created an innovative product range existing of two gins, a coffee liqueur and aromatic bitters.

“We produce all our small-batch craft spirits from scratch,” says Sandy. Everything is done by hand and on site at Stillhouse, starting with the fermentation and production of our own neutral base spirit up to hand-filling and labelling,” she says.

Sandy stresses that special attention is paid to perfecting each batch – and this is done by meticulously controlling each step of the process. “Our products are a labour of love: commitment to the art and the science of craft distilling. Distilled in-house in tiny batches, each bottle of aromatic Stillhouse Gin is individually finished to create a unique work of art and taste.”


In 2019 Stillhouse Umber Coffee Liqueur was awarded a Michelangelo gold medal – here proudly shown off by Jackson

Stillhouse Atlantic Classic Gin has been distilled with various local botanicals, including Boabab fruit, wild hibiscus, hand-harvested Atlantic seaweed and the unique Namibian !Nara Melon. This fruit is endemic in the sand dunes around Walvis Bay and is also found along the Namibian coast and in the Kuiseb Valley.

Acanthosicyos horridus is a leafless, thorny plant with an extremely deep root system which allows it to reach down into the sand dunes of the Namib desert to find water. 

Sandy explains that all flavours are steam infused during distillation, after which only pure water is added, making this a classic dry style gin: “notes of juniper mingle with citrus-forward freshness, echoed on the palate with highlights of delicate herbal notes.”

Stillhouse Wild is a gentle pink gin, soft and aromatic. Light juniper notes are followed by hints of spicy pink pepper and sweet orange zest, earthy notes of wild rosemary and cascara coffee cherries.

Sandy notes that infusing wild hibiscus after the gin has been distilled, is what gives Stillhouse Wild its slight pink hue.

Stillhouse Umber cold-brew coffee liqueur combines the fiery intensity of Swakopmund-based Two Beards fresh-roast coffee (which is infused drop by drop in a cold drip syphon) with the distilled base spirit of Stillhouse Atlantic. The result is an award-winning, truly authentic Namibian product – a charming cold-brew liqueur which combines earthy, chocolaty richness with the fleeting notes of summer fruit.

Stillhouse Aromatic Bitters are hand crafted by infusing our distilled spirits with carefully selected fruits, berries, herbs and spices. Spices such as cinnamon and allspice are dominated by sweet orange, making this the perfect bitters for an Old Fashioned. 

Bitters may be used to enhance classic or modern cocktails or mix aromatic bitters and soda as a refreshing low alcohol beverage.



When next your are on holiday or business in Swakopmund, be sure to give Sandy a call and book a tasting: (00264) 81 252 8876

Address: Stillhouse Atlantic, Unit 5, Kornblum Eastern Concepts, 5, Einstein, Swakopmund, Namibia

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