Johan Coetzee: Director, Hillebrand East and Southern Africa

Johan Coetzee: Director, Hillebrand East and Southern Africa

Johan Coetzee was appointed Director at Hillebrand East and Southern Africa from 1 October 2019

So, who is Johan Coetzee?

My wife, Simone, tells me that I still reveal aspects of my life to her that she is not aware of after 21 years of marriage! Even small things, like having once appeared briefly on TV soapie, Egoli in the nineties, or that I was part of the Alabama Student Company at Potch University… These were not among the first things I told her when we first met in Switzerland in 1998. I kept those and others for later. Unintentionally of course.

How did you end up in the beverage industry?

I ended up in logistics by chance, as most people in logistics do, in Pointe-Noire in the  Congo some 25 years ago. My career since then has led me to far and wonderful places like Azerbaijan, Nigeria and Yuzhno Sakhalinsk with my wife and our two sons, Theron and Wenzel, who are always happy to be part of an adventure. I joined Hillebrand in October 2019 and have since met wonderful people, brands, and companies in both the wine and spirits industry. Associating with the product you transport has never been more appreciated!

What is your motto?

I believe there is always a solution to every challenge.

What drives you?

Wait or waiting is such an innocent negative word that makes it ok to do nothing. I choose to rather expect. The expectation of the success of all your preparation and work culminates in the excitement of that success bearing fruit.

What is your favourite spirits-in-a-glass, and why? 

I appreciate my glass of 15 year old Brandy without ice as the sun sets in the bushveld. That speaks for itself, doesn’t it..….?

Phone: +27(0)21 809 2000

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