Overcoming a distillers’ dilemma of beating the budget

Overcoming a distillers’ dilemma of beating the budget

Every distiller understands the pressure of coming in on budget while also delivering a premium, market-competitive product. Often it is also necessary to achieve quick integration of wood in either the fermentation or aging stage of production in order to meet marketing or sales deadlines.

There is a solution

TNCoopers offers the answer to both these quandaries with Viniblocks: the 2cm-sized French and American Oak blocks. Comparing the cost of new barrels to adding new wood cubes to used barrels, makes a lot of sense. In addition, when aiming for barrel-aging your distilled spirits, smaller size cubes have the benefit of allowing rapid and increased contact between the spirits and the wood.

Viniblocks present different flavour ranges to the spirits, while various degrees of toasting offer the producer choices in depth of flavour. 

These oak-dried oak cubes are available in a variety of speciality toasts. These include Sweet Plus, Intense Plus, Fruit Plus and Pure Plus.

Furthermore, TNCoopers has designed various new “flavour recipes” which generate endless possibilities of flavours and aromas.

For ease of insertion, the Viniblocks come ready to use in a foodgrade infusion bag with tying hooks.

TNCoopers has been challenging the conservative tradition of oak products and offerings by using  state-of-the-art technology in a modern, sensory orientated environment in each step of their processes.

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