Posboom Kankerbossie Gin

Posboom Kankerbossie Gin

Piet van der Walt of Posboom Distilleries in Mossel Bay’s one-of-a-kind Kankerbossie Gin was launched earlier this year and has made its mark by winning a Michelangelo 2020 Gold medal. The gin, which is presented in a beautiful, solid bottle is now selling out faster than he can produce this unique product.

Piet explains that the product has a slight viscocity, as a result of the high oil content in the leaves of the Cancer Bush plant. After distilling, when diluting the product to achieve the required 43% ABV, the Kankerbossie’s oily residue caused a few headaches as the addition of water resulted in the gin becoming cloudy. “But,” says Piet, “I finally worked out how to circumvent that problem! The traces of oil in the final product is the part which contains the healing properties of the plant.”

The gin is distilled with eight different botanicals, including Cannabis Tea (“just to calm us all down a bit” says Piet) and wild aniseed, which is evident Posboom’s signature liquorice aftertaste, found in all his products.

  • Kankerbossie (Sutherlandia frutescens) or Cancer Bush, is an indigenous plant known for its many healing properties, especially in traditional medicine. The shrub has bitter, aromatic leaves and  vibrant red-orange flowers which appear in spring to mid-summer.


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