Proteus Vodka - not what you'd expect

Proteus Vodka - not what you'd expect

Probably the only vodka which is described as Proteas in a Bottle, Proteus Vodka is a product from the Brandwacht Breweries in South Africa’s beautiful Breede River Valley. This vodka is the proud winner of a 2021 silver medal in the Michelangelo International WIne & Spirits Awards,


One sunny winter’s morning in 2013, Christopher van Heerden (creator of this vodka), took a stroll in the fynbos veld. He became aware of a tiny green humming bird, comfortably sitting on the petals of a Protea flower, delighting in the the sweet nectar it contains. In that moment of beauty, an idea started taking shape and Christopher realised what the hummingbirds and bees have known forever…

Inspiration struck and he would use this special sweet flower with it’s high content of nectar, to create something spectacular. And so PROTEUS Vodka was born!

It has taken Christopher many years of research, hard work, trial and error to be able present this utterly unique product to the world.

Brandwacht Breweries is a small batch, craft operation and makes use of the Proteas on the land. Keeping the production as close to nature as possible, the vodka is produced in a facility that uses solar power which keeps their carbon footprint at a minimum. Proteus Vodka allows for an unique tasting experience: serve it on ice or mix it with any beverage of your choice to create an exotic, proudly South African drink.

Proteus Vodka… Proteas in a bottle

Address: Keurtjieskloof Farm 6862, Brandwacht, Worcester, South Africa

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Phone: 0027 (0) 71 203 5054

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