A-Mari - gin from the ocean

A-Mari – gin from the ocean


A Mari partners, Jess Henrich and Niel du Toit are passionate about the spirits industry. They are ambitious and driven individuals who love the ocean. So what could be more natural than to produce a premium gin which pushes the boundaries of the emerging gin market and challenges the status quo?


A Mari translates as ‘from the sea' in Latin. The brand has a unique ocean source code as the gin is distilled with ocean water and coastal botanicals. "Our vision is to get a bottle of A Mari into every sea facing bar in the world,"  they explain.

The gins are reminiscent of the coastlines by which they have been inspired - the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Oceans - and are made in Cape Town where these two oceans meet.

A Mari is distilled with neutral cane spirits, seawater and fresh, ethically sourced, natural botanicals: 

  • A Mari Atlantic Ocean Gin is created with the unique fragrant Fynbos which grows along the dunes of South Africa's west coast.
  • A Mari Indian Ocean introduces an East African flavour, using the exotic spices from the Indian Ocean trade route. The result is a complex, intriguing gin.

A Mari is distilled at the leading Hope Distillery in Cape Town. Established in 2014, Hope Distillery was the first licensed small batch distillery to open in Cape Town.

The distillery not only creates its own spirits (a range of gins, vodka, an agave spirit and a rum) but is also a market leader in contract distillation, producing other top-selling local gin brands.



Jess Henrich: 

083 469 2975


Niel du Toit:

072 709 1246






  • A-Mari – gin from the ocean
  • A-Mari – gin from the ocean
  • A-Mari – gin from the ocean
  • A-Mari – gin from the ocean

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