Tanagra Private Cellar Orange Liqueur

Tanagra Private Cellar Orange Liqueur
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Made in 2017 from locally sourced and highly aromatic Robertson oranges, picked at optimal ripeness. Oranges are ground in their entirety (including including pulp and peel) and macerated for two days with 96.4% ABV wine spirit. This is followed by slow distillation and gradual dilution with water over three to four months to bottling strength

Finally a liquid invert sugar/syrup (68% sugar), is added, resulting in (approx.) 180g sugar per litre. Our orange liqueur is left unfiltered to retain aromatic fruit oils (which may result in somewhat milky colour)

Tanagra Orange Liqueur is a rich, sweet symphony of orange flavours: orange blossom fragrance with orange peel and orange juice and a strong citric freshness,  with well-balanced candy-like sweetness with a long after taste.

            • 2020 Vintage recently released


25 % ABV

500 ml bottles

Number of bottles made: 1700

Price: R 240

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+27 (0)23 625 1780
Vrolikheid, Robertson Road, McGregor 6708
  • Tanagra Private Cellar Orange Liqueur

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