Global hard seltzer market to hit R800bn by 2028

Global hard seltzer market to hit R800bn by 2028
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Millennials and the ‘working-class population’ are increasingly turning to low- and no-alcohol beverages as healthier lifestyle choices.

It’s the unofficial summer drink of summer holidays - these relatively cheap, low calorie, low alcohol bottled and canned cocktail have overtaken the world low alcohol drinks market... and the growth in popularity continues.

To put this into perspective: the global hard seltzer market is expected to be worth US$49.4 billion (R778 billion) by 2028, according to analysis firm Grand View Research (Alice Brooker published in The Spirits Business)

The report cites a shift in consumer preferences and lifestyle choices as the reason for the projected growth of the category, with millennials and the ‘working-class population’ increasingly turning to low- and no-alcohol beverages.  Consumers are now opting for lower-alcohol seltzers and Ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages due to rising health consciousness.

What is hard seltzer?

In short: it's alcoholic seltzer, which is really carbonated water (seltzer) with alcohol.  Its meteoric rise over the past two years needs little investigation: soft seltzer has been very popular for decades, and now we have seltzer with a kick!

It's a beverage of which the existence makes so much sense for many reasons: colourful cans which are unbreakable in you backpack, convenient for picnics and beach days, with a wide choice of flavours and combinations to choose from. The future for hard seltzer is indeed bright, with consumers continuing their enthusiasm and appreciation!

The Grand View Research report notes that countries such as China, Australia, New Zealand, India and United Arab Emirates are expected to see a rapid surge in consumption of hard seltzer during the next seven years.

  • As part of its research, Grand View profiled brands including Coca-Cola, Mark Anthony Brands International, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Coca-Cola, Diageo and more.

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