Cocktails and Mocktails

Refreshing Watermelon Mint Gin & Tonic
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Nothing refreshes like summer fruits – this take on watermelon makes a perfect summer cocktail
Blackwood Spirits Frozen Gin Sour
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A refreshing drink for a hot day!
Blackwood Spirits Dirty Martini
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A different take on the Martini 
Blackwood Spirits Distillery, Hout Bay, South Africa
Strawberries + Gin = Strawberry Gin Smash
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The weather is warming up – time for some refreshing gin and fruit cocktails!
Mexican hot chocolate with tequila/agave spirits and cayenne pepper
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One way to counter the winter cold is a warm chocolatey drink laced with something that will give it a kick. Like tequila or Karoo agave. Give this winter winner a try:
Raspberry gin cocktail
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Raspberries are currently in season, so here’s a fun idea with raspberries and gin!
Mastering the basics of the classic G&T
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Gin is more popular than ever, so right now is an excellent time to master some simple serving options. And you don’t need any fancy equipment to make your own gin cocktails at home – even a jam jar with a solid, tight-fitting lid makes a perfect shaker!
Gin and tonic with a winter’s twist
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Gin and Tonic has evolved to more than a traditional two-ingredient cocktail. A perfect example is this coffee-laced version.
Sparkling Fig and Honey Cocktail
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Sparkling Fig & Honey Cocktail. This cocktail takes a little more effort, but it is worth every bit!  Now that figs are in season, this is a perfect cocktail for your next get-together.