Silvana Bottega - founder of Clifton Gin

Silvana Bottega - founder of Clifton Gin
Sylvana Bottega

The Clifton Collection was founded by Capetonian Silvana Bottega.

Her summers on Clifton Beach stayed with her through her life and through her travels as a “place of memory”. All her life, she has celebrated and supported the development of artisans and artists in South Africa. Sylvana has a passion for accelerating skills development and this has seen her help to build awareness around the craftsmanship and skills available in South Africa.

Behind every great product is a moment of inspiration. For Clifton, this was it.

Warm summer days lying by a pristine, fresh, aquamarine sea that refreshes like no other. Sunrise walks along the Cape’s best beach, Clifton, with a gentle breeze in the protected cove invigorating one’s skin with the damp, sweet-salty mist of the sea.

  • Clifton Gin has been carefully crafted after numerous trials to result in an elixir that was award-winning with its first release on both gins by master distiller, Kobus Gelderblom.
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