The innovative ladies behind the Kollegin brand

The innovative ladies behind the Kollegin brand

The Kollegin brand was created by three entrepreneurial moms with a vision to make life better, more fun and much more interesting for women from all walks of life. Their message is one of self-control, being kind to oneself and also living a beautiful, healthy life of contentment. 

Founders of the Kollegin brand, Annel, Elizma and Elani, share a passion of quality and believe that true beaury shines from within. And nowhere else is this passion more clearly visible than in the quality of their gins (three Michelangelo 2021 awards in the bag!) and the eye-catching packaging. 

They say, “our non-alcoholic range is our most popular. It is refreshing and tasty, sugar-free and infused with collagen.

What’s not to love?

Four plus four

The exciting Kollegin Gin range consists of four non-alcoholic gins (Litchi & Ginger, Original Kollegin, Prickly Pear & Elderflower Kollegin and Rose Kollegin) and four contemporary gins (Litchi & Ginger, Original Gin, Rooibos Gin and Rose Gin), which will make your taste buds dance!

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