Tracking export shipments made easy through myHillebrand app

Tracking export shipments made easy through myHillebrand app

Many shipping companies offer shipment tracking nowadays, and the reason is simple: whether we are purchasing or selling goods, we need to know where they are at all times. 

Perhaps we’ve become an impatient society or maybe we just expect that we should feel more in control of our purchases with easy access to modern technology.

However, what lies beyond the offer of tracking shipments is sometimes less obvious.  But, when used in the right way, it can save you money and inform your decision making to improve the supply and shipment of goods.

Download the myHillebrand app and instantly track your shipments in real time:

  • Identify unplanned costs early 
    On-screen and push notifications via the myHillebrand app offers visibility of a shipments on-time status.  For many reasons shipments can be delayed, resulting in last-minute alternative planning. However, through real-time data notifications, you’re given the chance to act early and avoid these costs by making alternative arrangements for your shipments. 

  • Eliminate risk by managing temperature control 
    Once your order has a planned collection date, the myhillebrand app indicates the temperature along your shipments’ planned journey.  This allows you to add a safeguarding measure to your shipment even before it starts its journey by either adding an operated refrigerated container or a thermal insulation liner.  This avoids potential damages and subsequent loss of sale through the correct management of temperature control.  Global shipping takes products through varying climates, sometimes beginning a journey in one season and arriving in another.  This fluctuation in temperature and humidity can greatly deteriorate a product’s quality and packaging. See our VinLiner insulation liners and the implications of improper management
  • Avoid errors by getting detailed information
    Shipments often travel long distances and if what arrives is not what was ordered, it can have dire financial repercussions. As soon as your order is placed, myHillebrand will display all details including total packages, SKUs and the product codes you’ve provided. It also shares details to every member of the team, making it easy for you to identify any accidental order errors even before collection is made, and contact the people involved for remedy.

Sign up for your myHillebrand account and get global visibility on your quotes, shipments, invoices and inventory. 


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